Makers Series - Blacksmith

I’ve been working on a personal project lately I call the Makers Series. I refer to Maker in the broadest sense. I am inspired by anyone who creates with their hands, be it forging iron or weaving soft cotton fibers through a loom, rolling empanadas or crafting a hairstyle. I suppose my inspiration is my grandfather who was a handyman by trade, and an artist for the love of it. His medium ranged from needlepoint to watercolor to finely detailed wooden mosaics and he wasn’t really at peace unless he was creating something.

Ashe is the first maker in the series. He’s an up and coming blacksmith who’s helping to revive an ancient art. As he worked we chatted about this and that. I told him about my kids and how my son was interested in mythology (a frequent inspiration for Ashe’s work) and he invited me to bring him back to the forge on a second visit. Of course, I had to photograph that too, so you’ll find those pictures at the end.