Their First Firefly

Yes, it’s true. My son is a handful of days from turning 7 and my daughter is already 4 and they have never seen a firefly. In my defense, they are prone to starting their days before 6 am no matter what time I put them down, so they often don’t make it much past 7:30 pm, but still…. a whole lifetime without fireflies. Something had to be done. So last night we got them ready for bed at the usual time and then headed outside to wait for the free summer light show – not the sloppy, loud, people getting drunk by noon and stumbling around our yard at 11 pm lighting firecrackers light show. That awesome holiday is not slated for another day. This was the much more sweetly anticipated light show that I wanted to share with my kids. So we all made our individual preparations. Speedy laid out the scene with blankets and couch cushions. The Snail selected the perfect summer nightgown replete with embroidered mice, the hubs made sure to get some extra caffeination in preparation of the extra hours of parenting and I brought the net, the popcorn, and the camera of course. They were as delighted as we hoped they would be and it was worth all the extra exhausted tears we are experiencing today. Mostly.